General Update – March 2020

Hi Everyone

Sorry for the lack of blog updates and thank you to everyone that continues to follow my project.

Great progress with the Lightgun plastic shells. I had to make some minor (but expensive) mould modifications but they were all successful so I now have a 100% complete production shell. This is made in the production colour Arcade Blue which is 1 of the 3 colours I will be making which also includes Arcade Red and black.

The main PCB is now complete. I’m getting one final final one assembled just to be on the safe side as there were some super minor modifications. That should be ready to be ordered within the next 2 weeks IF the factory is still able to proceed. They seem confident at the moment.

The recoil PCB is still slightly behind schedule but I’m hoping to have a fully assembled one to demonstrate within a month.

So at the moment I’m doing my best to keep moving forward hayamix but I’ll be assessing what is possible and not possible on a daily basis.

IF I can proceed with the manufacture then I will comfortable taking new orders as well so I can start ordering some of the slower components for the next batch. ann Please join the waiting list on this site if you are interested.

Here is some cool shoot everything in sight gameplay playing Rambo in Teknoparrot:

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  1. Are there gonna be any Guns that do NOT have the recoil feature? I’m not a fan of recoil on my light guns.

  2. I was so excited to see this gun.. and I still am. I did have a even more hopeful spot in my heart for a real recoil effects of the top of the gun. The guncon gun from namco had the pedal and the top sliding back made it feel like a arcade at home.

    You should contact arcade1up so see if they want to buy your gun for there home size arcade cabinet. There is a lot of talk about them making a shooter cabinet soon

    1. You know he is doing a version with the recoil you are talking about? Good idea on the arcade 1up partnership. I think Andy could use a cash infusion from a partner like that to scale this thing up.

      1. I don’t think the recoil is the top of the gun sliding. I think it’s inside the gun to make it feel like it’s recoiling.

  3. Can you post some vampire night gameplay? I’m so happy to see the progress on this. Definitely will be ordering two with recoil when/if available. Thank you.

  4. Hey Andy. I was wondering if you had any updates on the compatibility with original consoles? Is OSSC still the way to go? Which consoles will it work with? Does it work for ps1 games on the ps2 or do you need a cable mod for the right connector.
    Are there any other consoles that it might work with? PS3 would be amazing!

    Hope you are well.

  5. Guncon2 had this pad on the back that made reloading a breeze.
    Also moving aroung silent scope style in Time Crisis 3 was great.
    And a clip button on the botton.

    Do you plan on putting controls that can be accessed by one hand?

  6. I have a set of Aimtraks with the force feedback. Terrible experience. I’ve literally owned them for ~2 years now and have used them maybe 2 hours total. That bad.
    So with that being said I am 49 years young. I have collected games (roms) for the better part of 15 years so there’s not much …. if anything I don’t have. I am an IT guy that I would be very interested in paying full price for a set of your guns and testing them in all emulators, reporting bugs and creating documentation when/where necessary for you to help your product succeed. I’m itching to have a set of DECENT light guns again. Please drop me a line if you’d like some help ensuring your product release is the best it can be.

  7. Looks cool, but one question: will it work with lcd-projectors as well? If have a huge screen… About 2-3m and it would be great if I could play light gun games on it.

  8. Hi Andy!
    Love your work mate, the retro gamers from Australia are keen try these light guns out! Hope it all remains on schedule, just want to shoot ducks again!

    Any timeframe you can be specific on? Its May 2020 now and most of us are in a state of limbo… at least say which quarter or month we can expect an online orders to be ready!?

    1. Hi Fred, sorry not yet, hopefully early next year but I can’t commit too strongly yet. Android is the top priority, Mac second.

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