Kickstarter – target hit

Hi everyone

WOW what an amazing couple of days, you have all helped me completely smash my Kickstarter target.

I’m so grateful for your support. I’m really excited at what the future holds for the Sinden Lightgun and I promise we are going to have so much fun!

I’m going to keep pushing the Kickstarter because every bit of income goes towards the project and can help us achieve the long term goals of the project even quicker. The more people we have in the community the more cool stuff we will be able to do.

Please continue to share the project with your friends and social media and lets see how far we can go. I love to hear from you all with your great ideas and suggestions so feel free to get in touch at I like just hearing about some of your setups and what games you like to play too.

Thank you

Andy (aka MrLightgun)


  1. I’m over the moon you hit your target, I knew that you would bringing such a unique and innovative product to us gamers who have loved shooter games for over a decade or more. I look forward to seeing what’s in store next with your project and the development and also using the gun with recoil myself. Cheers Andy congratulations to such a successful kickoff of your kickstarter.

    1. Hi Justin, I’m going to survey backers after the Kickstarter and see where the priorities are. I’ve got a feeling that Android will come up as the priority to add support and then OSX after that. Ideally I will get both supported this year. I think it would be unfair of me to promise OSX support because I don’t yet know what my blockers will be as OSX is not my comfort zone. All I can say is that I do want to add support and I will do my best. Thanks Andy

  2. Andy – I’ve seen you use the Sinden in a variety of lightgun shells like the pump shotgun. Any chance for an accessories add-on later down the line?

  3. I’m very excited and sadly given up on Kickstarter having invested so much money on projects that were never successful and rely mostly on Indigogo that insures my investments.

    Couple of questions, any plans to extend to Indigogo and can you demo recoil versions or prototypes?

    1. Hi Brian, there is a preview of the recoil on the Kickstarter page under the prototype section. Not as detailed as I would like but hopefully it will give you a good idea. I’ll obviously be demonstrating the full recoil solution as it progresses. Thanks Andy

      1. Andy, do you think it would be hard to mod the casing of the for the recoil function to be similar to that of the old time crisis? The sliding top recoil was what I missed most as a kid when going to the arcades.

  4. Will this gun be available in Australia? Currently we can’t get aimtrak and similiar guns through customs because they are too life like in appearance.

    1. Hi Pete, it is available on the Kickstarter for Austrlia, I’m going to be paying special attention to Australia, this has been raised several times. I have a few ideas of how I can legally and safely resolve this issue. Thanks Andy

    1. Hi Kelvin

      I’ll have to see how it all pans out but I’m expecting it to the same at the moment.



  5. Personally I’m so happy that this has become a reality! I can only imagine how excited you must be to know that there is a community on the edge of their seats waiting to get their hands on it. Congratulations! As a backer I cannot wait to see how I can implement this in Unreal Engine. Seriously can’t wait!

  6. Hey dude, pumped to help you kickstart this thing!

    Im hoping that you can release a optimised Pi distribution, seeings you seem to be tweaking in that direction. Just drop your roms in and run.

    I have a htpc i can probably configure to run it all, but it’d be pretty nice to have a oneshot Pi image i could load, n all be configured. I run ubuntu on the htpc, n if running Windows is the cost of doing business, i’ll happily do that. No big. But a running distro that has everything just working would be grand.

    Im excited!

    Ps, as an Aussie, i hope there are no customs issues. They can be stiff, but ive imported stuff that AFP have questions about. Its not a glock replica. It looks like a namco. I think there will be enough folk of our age to recognize that. You try and hold up a store with a namco, you’ll get laughed at

  7. If this is in an arcade cab with joysticks in the field of view will it affect the preformance? Also will this be offered in the United States?

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