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        1. Comment re: Comment re: Comment, loop and infinitum.

          Hope you make bank on this! Excited about the possibility of playing PC games which is this in the future or in the meantime emulated games with added graphics resolution like Wii.

          Recoil is a great idea though may have to wait on that. Due to $.

  1. Hi, sign me up !

    I just bought a Hacked Snes mini with tons of nes, snes and sega games and i would love to one day buy this for my 2 boys.
    They are still a bit to young but maybe in 1-2 years i could give them the pleasure to play Duck Hunt like i did as a kidd.

    Thx 🖒👌

    1. Hi Johnny, it is supported by the hardware but I have not yet been able to get it to work due to the locked down nature of the Snes Mini and the fact that lots of basic Linux components I need are missing from the operating system such as a C compiler. It is definitely possible but is going to take some work.

  2. Saw your Raspberry Pi video and now looking forward to updates on your project (especially another video showing the significant performance improvement on the Raspberry Pi you mentioned in the description of the video).

    Also, you might want to consider some line breaks between paragraphs for the descriptions of your videos as it would make reading them more enjoyable. You should also put an update like the one in the Raspberry Pi video at the beginning of the description instead of at the end so that any viewer paying slight attention to the description or who goes down to the comments sees it immediately instead of it being hidden.

  3. VERY Interested!!! I have all 3 classic systems, a hand full of various RPi’s, Odroid XU4, a few windows and linux boxes running either retropie, hyperspin or launch box. Currently using Wiimotes and dolphin bar to do light gun games.

    I am handy with electronics/soldering/etc. as well as working with linux and windows (I’m in I.T.) and would LOVE to buy and early board from you to help with testing on various setups. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in having me as an alpha or beta tester. I would of course pay for the parts like any other customer. Not looking for a handout.

    1. This is literally the only display type I’m slightly unsure of. I think it will work fine if you are in the viewing sweet spot which is kind of the point with curved displays. I can always tweak the software and add a curved screen toggle if we feel we do need an adjustment. My feeling is that as these televisions only have a slight curve it will be OK.

  4. I will love to have a recoil with this type of light gun but I’m afraid it could damage the camera sensor without the proper damper to hold the camera. Which is probably the first mod i will make. Looking forward to support your kickstarter. Really appreciate you find the way to revive the old times light gun games. I’m owner of the aimtrack but it feels like pulling the mouse with a rubber too much delay breaks the all experience

    1. Hi Victor, the Sinden Lightgun trigger actually performs an unprocessed instant left mouse click. So the trigger is as fast as your mouse. Any delays are down to the emulator, environment and display. A good (or bad) example is the first Raspberry Pi video I did, I had mouse polling set on default which was slow. My recent Fright Fear Land video: Can I Order Phentermine From Canada I believe shows excellent performance as it is running a PC based game on the PC. For the Kickstarter I’m planning a “performance” video to really go through the performance in detail, ideally with a high speed camera filming footage.

      If the Sinden Lightgun was suffering from lag (which it isn’t) it would show itself with inaccurate shots because it was not processing the video quick enough and moving the mouse in time, I hope that makes sense.

      The Raspberry Pi stuff has been great and so much fun but I have created a bit of confusion where Pi lag is confused for Sinden Lightgun lag.

      It’s not a problem because as I said above I’m quite happy to create a video with performance analysis it’s just quite a difficult thing to explain easily.

      In raw fundemental technology terms when you pull the trigger on a CRT Lightgun you need to wait at least 1 frame for the screen to flash for the computer to be told where to click. The Sinden Lightgun trigger is instant. I think I’ll create a blog post in the near future trying my best to explain.

      Thanks for your post.

  5. Really interested. Got a pair of aimtraks that annoys me from the gun drifting, and not accurate to line of sight causing constant recalibration. Make sure to get that recoil in there, be also nice to implement something like the aimforce one dongle also that adds rapid recoil. For the inside , if you do add the recoil similar to aimtraks, make sure to reenforce the housing. My current aimtraks ( less than 6 months old) had the plastic tabs break from the recoil. Another addon that would be great is for the recoil to add more ooomph, either by having the recoil hit something to give it a thump sound OR even customize the output wave sound with an internal speaker (sub woofer). My aimtraks with recoil just gives a TICK TICK TICK sound, not the BOOM BOOM BOOM sound that i want. Look forward to your kickstarter.

  6. Just came across this by pure chance. About time someone worked on a light gun for modern displays! Here’s a suggestion (if it’s feasible, that is), make the camera sensor modular. That way you could also sell different shells. Like a pistol, an SMG, a pump-action shotgun (like House of the Dead 3), a GunCon clone, etc. Also, a recoil option is a MUST.

  7. Man, I`ve cried when I saw U playing HOD2, Time Crisis with that gun, haahah, bring me bag so good memories, and u are here, making it come back for real. Jesus, u are god. Put me on the mail list, for sure.

  8. Can’t wait!
    I hope you only need to be screen width distance away from screen, and those boarders can be made a few pixels. This is what I want to see – how close, and how unnoticeable can the boarder be?

  9. Awesome! I have light guns for PS1 and PS2, but would love to see future compatibility with all consoles from Microsoft, Nintendo, Sega and Sony, from 8-bit and beyond! 1 light gun to rule them all! I know there are emulators for basically every system, but where’s the fun in that?!?

  10. Very rad. Do you think you’ll be able to ship to Australia? I believe we have some pretty tight laws forbidding replica firearms and I’m hearing gaming light guns may fall in to this category 😞

    Otherwise…..I’m sold on this. You’re a genius.

  11. I was only saying the other day how I’d live to play some of those old light gun games on my new TV properly, then I came across your video on YouTube. Awesome work I’m very interested to see how well this will do.

  12. These look great. I look forward to buying one or two of these.

    However, I’m on the fence about getting the recoil module upgrade. Are there particular games that will use it or will it be something that can kick in when firing on any game?

  13. I just found out about he Kickstarter campaign so I narrowly missed it, sign me up for emails so I can get one when they become available. Were there any plans to do a late backer campaign as well? I’d still like to contribute if I can.

    1. Hi Michael

      I think you could run most games well with an i3. I think Dolphin and PCSX2 probably would need a good spec i3. You can actually run quite a lot of good stuff on a celeron. Virtua Cop 1 and 2 and House Of the Dead 1 and 2 I’ve had running well on an original lattepanda which is a celeron.

  14. I am looking forward to one of these. I just got an 8TB HDD setup with LaunchBox/Bigbox for my PC, and I really wanna play light gun games like Operation Wolf, Terminator 2, House of the Dead 2, Mechanized Attack, and many others.

    Put me down for 2!

  15. Bring them on just wish i knew about this before the end of kick starter campaign as i would happily given money for this but never mind as soon as they are available i will pre-order 2….. bring on the classics that i miss playing

  16. I’m very interested in your Lightgun. Will it be able to play Ghost Squad. It’s a classic and one of my favorite.

  17. Hi Andy, I’m from Italy and I’m fascinating about your project, I want to be part of it but the kickstarter is over… is there another way to contribute ? I’ve always want to play with the light gun on bigger TVs, I’ve even bought a cathodic projector that worked with light gun … but your project blew my mind!! you’re the best! BR Fab

  18. looks cool. It would be awesome if you had interchangeable shells so you could swap from a pistol to a machine gun etc

  19. Been waiting on something like this to come along forever. CarnEvil. All day. Can’t wait for this to release.

  20. Awesome. I am about to redo my cabinet (CRT->LCD) and I didn’t think there was a viable option. A new cabinet would feel empty if I couldn’t play my light gun games anymore.

    In for 2.

    Best of Luck….we’ll all be pulling for you to bring this to light.

  21. I need a zapper gun for my nes classic mini console and lcd tv. If the zapper works for this console I will need 2! I hope they will be available soon.

  22. Put me down for mailing list and order of 2 with recoil. When can we submit an order and when are you shipping?

  23. At long last, a realistic prospect of a working light gin for modern TV’s. Can’t wait to buy one for my old PS2 collection!

  24. Please add. Will there be an opportunity to purchase at the Kickstarter price for those of us that missed it?

  25. Missed the kickstarter campaign and very interested! I’ve tried some other solutions which are just so slow, this looks incredible!

  26. Hi there, first off this is amazing, second is it possible to stick a physical white boarder around the screen instead of using software, would this still work the same? I’m thinking for a mame cabinet, just having like an acrylic frame that you could just pop on and off would be cool if possible. Will be keen on a pair once my machine has finished being built. Thanks for your time

  27. Absolutely interested. Sign me up. I literally just found out about this from a friend. Sad I missed the kickstarter.

  28. Extremely interested in this product! lightgun games are my favorite, and I have been checking every few months for a solution that will work my projector setup. Unfortunately I missed your kickstarter campaign. Please let me know when additional units become available.

  29. Please add me. I missed out on the kickstarter. I would love to purchase one of these for my arcade!

  30. Very interested, getting myself an arcade machine soon and will be eager to add lightguns to it in the future.

  31. Please add me to the list aswell. I love the Time Crisis Series and have been putting all my holiday money into the Arcades back in the day when i was a kid. Please make the Raspi Kit for the Consoles + the Lightgun available as a Bundle and most importantly keep us updated. Im super stoked that this is happening!

  32. Very interested. I see this can work on a PS1, PS2 and you’re working on Xbox and PS3. Amazing! Is it possible to make this work for the other consoles with light guns? There are many of us who keep around an old CRT (or three) to be able to play the old light guns on the NES, SNES, Genesis/CD/32x, Saturn, Dreamcast, etc. If it is possible, could the Sinden components be fitted into the shells of those old light guns?

  33. This looks amazingly promising ! Please keep up the good work. I am sorry I missed the campaign, I didn’t know about this until recently 🙁

  34. Unfortunately, I have missed the Kickstarter funding campaign but hope to buy some additional units. Your Youtube videos are very promising. Thank you for your efforts to keep lightgun games alive. I really do not know why game publishers and hardware developers lost their interest in these kind of games. In every arcade lightgun arcades are still the most popular. Best regards, Kristian