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Hi Everyone

I’m very excited to announce a partnership with Playmaji and their Polymega console. Since I launched my Kickstarter I have had so many people contacting me to say what a great combination Polymega console and the Sinden Lightgun would be. So when they reached out to me it was already something I had looked at and was interested in.


As part of the overall project plan I’m always looking for ways to get people playing their favourite Lightgun games as easily as possible.

The list of supported consoles of the Polymega is a great list that contains nearly all the best classic Lightgun games of all time and it will work with your original games collection. It means everyone gets a chance to play even if you’re not technical enough to set up an emulator PC or Pi.

Some of the games that will work include:

Time Crisis
Point Blank
Virtua Cop 1/2
House Of The Dead
Duck Hunt
Battle Clash
Lethal Enforcers
Mad Dog McCree

Playmaji are going to be integrating with the hardware and software being delivered for the Kickstarter but in their own beautifully styled Lightgun controller. So none of this partnership will impact negatively on my Kickstarter delivery which is going great and I’ll be providing a detailed update on soon.

I’m buzzing about how cool the combined platform going to be.



  1. Hi I backed up your kickstarter for the two Lightgun set and I’m super excited. However I do have one question, Will this be capable of working with Hyperspin? I have a pretty large collection of games in my Hypersin library.

  2. Wow, this is AWESOME! But I really hope for a lightgun to be integrated into an controller, with a design similar to the Grifta-Controller or the Joy-Con (with each side having a light gun). This would allow for playing Shooters with 3D-movement, like Splatoon, Call of Duty or Overwatch.

  3. Hi Andy! Just wanted to say your project is really amazing, unfortunately I’ve discoverd the kickstarter after it has ended. The collaboration with polymega sounds great, mostly for people who are going to start there journey with retrogaming I suppose. I own a lot of old gaming consoles and I’m running all my stuff through OSSC and for the lightgun games I use my old CRT. In my case purchasing the polymega is a little bit pointless, not only because I already have the ability to run the games I own, but also beacuse I prefer to use the original hardware or consoles based on FPGA (SuperNT or MegaSG from Analogue) which actually replicate the behaviour of the original consoles and play the games the way they were intended to be played. Your gun is also compatible with PS2 which is not supported by Polymega. Are you planning on relaesing a product which will be actually dedicated for usage with the original consoles? Thanks

    1. Hi Maciej

      Thank you for your message. Yes I’m hoping to release a product dedicated to adding support to old consoles but it’s early days with that at the moment.

      Best regards


  4. Congratulations on the business deal! I missed the Kickstarter and don’t plan on getting a Polymega, will I be able to purchase a Sinden lightgun (for use with a PC) from you at some point down the line? Thanks.

  5. Hey, Andy!

    I love the project, I’m really excited.

    Do you plan to open sales for those of us who are late for the Kickstarter? Unfortunately for me, I found out too late about this great project.

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