Update on Sinden Lightgun Kickstarter – PCB

Hi All

There has been some excellent progress with getting ready for the Kickstarter.

The custom PCB arrived the week before last and it has taken the last week or so configuring it and getting it to work.

This is a crucial step before I can go to Kickstarter. I need to know that everything works as planned before I can commit to everybody that I can manufacture hundreds.

I’m happy to say that everything has moved along positively and that around 80% of the functionality is working and the remaining 20% is being worked on now (with no blockers as yet!).

When you add microchips to a PCB they don’t instantly work like they do when you buy already manufactured boards, you have to program them correctly from scratch. So I need to get that remaining 20% proven and then fully test on PC and Pi before I can proceed.

This means that a March Kickstarter launch is actually looking pretty good at the moment. It leaves me some time to finalise the content and get everything ready.

I’m going to send an update out to the mailing list when I’m happy that I’ve got 100% PCB of the functionality working as planned.

As always thank you everyone for your support.


  1. This project is really brilhant, a really clever and definitive way to solve the problem of hundreds of lightgun game fans like myself!
    Never done it before but i am really looking foward to suport the project on kickstarter, and hoping it gets a great campaign!

  2. Are you any closer to releasing the Kickstarter? I’ve never backed a kickstarter before but I’m really excited about this one. Have you got a date in mind?

  3. This looks really promising! Is it going to be pc/pi only or will I be able to play my original console games? Would love to be able to play virtua cop on my Saturn.

    1. Saturn integration is further down the line I’m afraid but I have played the Saturn version on LCD with the original hardware side by side the Arcade version emulated on the PC and I think you would struggle to go back to the grainy Saturn version when the Arcade version runs so beautifully in high resolution and fast on the PC. However I do fully understand why people might want to that so it is something I want to achieve in the future.

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