I’m prioritising my Kickstarter orders at the moment but I am making extra units too, so as soon as I’m comfortable that the Kickstarter orders are taken care of I’m going to take new orders. I’m hoping that the new orders will be able to be delivered soon after the Kickstarter orders.

Originally I was hoping to take additional Paypal pre-orders but I realised that to give people the Paypal protection which I wanted to do, then I can’t receive the money till dispatch. So it doesn’t really help me use that money to order more components.

So what I’m doing is keeping a list and making sure that everyone that has kindly taken the time to reach out to me will get first opportunity to order from the additional units. So I’ll be in touch and all being well you should be able to get a Sinden Lightgun or two soon after the Kickstarter people.

Please drop me an email at contact @ sindenlightgun .com, it’s not essential but if you let me know what country you are based in and also what you think you are likely to want to buy and also I’m always interested in what systems you have and what you are looking to use it with. For example a PC Mame cabinet, Raspberry Pi with RetroPie or linking with original console hardware.

The price will be the same as the Kickstarter prices. Longer term I’m hoping to make the product cheaper but this will take time.


Thank you for your support.