Die Hard Trilogy – Raspberry Pi – Sinden Lightgun

Hi All

I fired up Die Hard Trilogy on the Pi this week as well and to be honest I forgot how much fun this game is. I guess it has been 20 years since I last played it!

A few details:
I’m using a patched version of PCSX-Rearmed that added Guncon support, planning to publish in June.
I’m using a patched ISO that adds Guncon support to the game.
I’m using a cheat that removes the screen flash of the firing lightgun.

I’ve had a few comments regarding input lag, this is caused by emulator delay (it is a raspberry pi after all) but secondly as I have turned off CRT screen flash there is an extra frame of delay before it shows input as normally the next frame would be a white flash so you get the visual feedback 1 frame earlier. You can add that back in so you get that visual feedback sooner and more aligned with the click but like I say as you don’t notice is when you are playing, I like to remove the screen flash as a personal preference. The way my audio is recorded the trigger click dominates which doesn’t help, when you are playing yourself the TV sound would normally dominate.

The emulators run that much faster on the PC that it is not a problem on the PC.

I know it does frustrate some of the project followers that I do so many Pi videos as some of the emulator slowness can be mistaken for Sinden Lightgun slowness however I really enjoy pushing the Pi to the max and getting new games to work. I am also working on getting new lightgun games to work on the PC when I get opportunities.

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  1. While I appreciate you pushing the raspberry pie to the “MAX” Your current target audience should not get in the way of your pet projects. Please realize that most people who are going to spend hundreds of dollars on a kick starter project, want to see performance on a decent pc. Not a single board computer that will be outdated or overpowered in a years time. You can not honestly expect someone to spend hundreds of dollars on your project, to put this on a 35 dollar SOC. The deep pockets, and people who will support this are looking to incorporate this into their high dollar cabinets. I cant see a passing interest of emulation on a raspberry pie user, vs a 3k + cabinet builder spending money on light guns. Just my thoughts on what you are showing us and building excitement to sell your project. I could be wrong be advertise to your whales and also remind them that lesser hardware works just as well.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read and feedback. I will shift the priority to the PC more, where the games perform with the performance levels that people are after.

    2. While I respect the other comments, I think it’s great that you are focusing on pi as well. Honestly that’s where I do my emulation and it would be the first place I plan to try your gun. If that experience sucks, I will go the pc route, but I like that you are working in that option.

      1. I am using a Pi for my emulation and I am very happy this project addresses that market segment as well (for selfish reasons I guess).

  2. Andy i would recommend if possible getting the word out to RetroRGB (Bob) about the Kickstarter. He has a wide audience and will help aid the target

  3. Excellent work, very impressed. I believe PCSX-Rearmed currently doesn’t support any lightgun use. Please correct me if i am wrong. Would the emulator update you are working on provide support for other lightguns (Aimtrak specifically)?

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