Kickstarter launch date 13th/14th April and recoil option

Hi Everyone

So I have 2 bits of news to share:

1) I have earmarked the 2nd weekend of April, the 13/14th to launch my new Kickstarter.
2) It is highly likely I will be offering an innovative recoil solution as an optional extra.

So this weekend I completed the testing of the PCB and all functionality is fully working on the PC and the Raspberry Pi. This is a production ready version. It has all the functionality shown on the prototype videos in that it has 2 assignable action buttons on each side plus an assignable trigger and pump action input. In addition it has a small cluster of up/down/left/right buttons to use for menu navigation although they can be assigned to whatever you like.

Completing the PCB testing was the only outstanding blocker to being able to confirm a Kickstarter launch date. I feel a month should be enough time to create the required content so I am planning for the second weekend of April.

Additionally I have been testing an optional recoil version of the Sinden Lightgun. It has been overwhelmingly fed back to me that it is the option people would most like to see, so I have been working hard to make it happen but not as a risk to delivering the main project. Closer to the time of the Kickstarter launch I will be showing a demonstration video of the innovative recoil solution so you all know what to expect and to decide if you would like to add it as an option.

I’ve also promised a detailed performance video of the Sinden Lightgun. I love doing the Raspberry Pi videos but for a lot of people the sluggish Raspberry Pi emulator performance can give the wrong impression of the Sinden Lightgun performance. So I also plan to release more PC examples over the next few weeks to really make it clear what excellent performance you can get from the Sinden Lightgun.

Here are my 2 most recent videos:

Fright Fear Land – Arcade Dump on PC – Such a fun game and runs great:

House Of The Dead 2 – Raspberry Pi – Yes it needs some work but this is the actual Sega Naomi Arcade version of House Of The Dead 2 emulated on the Raspberry Pi – Amazing:

Thank you everyone for your patience and your support with the project.

Best regards


I’ve also sent this out as an update to everyone on the mailing list. If you believe you have signed up but not received an email update please let me know, there may just be a typo with your email address or at least I will know if my emails are getting blocked for some reason.


  1. This is great news! I cannot wait for the kickstarter!

    Question, any support for the MiSTer FPGA project in the future?

    1. Yes I hope so, I’ve only recently become aware of this device but it’s definitely a path I would like to go down.

      1. That would be awesome. All the creators hang out over in the Atari-age forum. Sorgelig, who is the main guy, is there as well.

        TY for your hard work!

  2. Hi Andy, thanks for the update. This is great news. I think there are a lot of us waiting excitedly to be able to play light gun games properly again!
    One question I was wondering is if you have an idea about how long it will take from the Kickstarter for you to deliver the products? I understand if that’s a difficult question to answer at this stage.
    I have written a write up of your project on my site and I’ll be updating with these dates.
    To be honest you have inspired me to start it as it can be quite complicated to work out how to get up and running with the emulators and I wanted to try to make it easier for newcomers to get going playing their favourite games.
    It’s in the early stages but I hope to get lots of guides to make it really easy for people.
    From what you have said, it seems like you have a similar goal so if you have any notes from your experiments, I’d be happy to write them up and publish them for people to use.
    Here is the link:
    All the best.

  3. Awesome news. Do you think you can do samples with two player enabled. Would love to see how that would work out. Definitely will be getting a recoil kit. I miss the old Time crisis recoil gun.

  4. Amazing work! Can’t wait for the Kickstarter. See if you can implement support for the Odroid XU4! It uses a port of Retropie as well.

  5. Massive fan of light guns like everyone else. I have all the consoles, games and guns of note, gets a bit embarrassing when you hit 20+ guns. I’ve bought and sold on aimtrack and a few other PC ones because I’ve never been happy with non crt guns due to accuracy but also the input lag.

    So I’m looking forward to giving this a go. But the one thing I notice is it looks really slow, now I know the pi and emulation are not helping but I notice your gun move and tracking taking a lot of time to catch up. Can you do some more of these demos for us? Maybe corner to corner with games with a games with a crosshair? Also do you turn off mouse acceleration and other things that might impact on the mouse emulation? Cheers

  6. Hey dude. I’m the guy who told you about the MiSTer. I’m getting a modded Dreamcast soon. I was wondering if your gun will work with that? I’m excited!

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