Odroid XU4 – Sinden Lightgun testing

Hi All

I managed to get the Sinden Lightgun working with this device, it is compatible with the Raspberry Pi software I have written. I tested with ORA RetroPie.

Really I was looking for what I can do on this more powerful device that I can’t on the Pi in terms of Lightgun games.

So I can do everything I can do on the Pi but in addition I have managed to get Point Blank 1 Arcade running full speed in Mame. Time Crisis is still too slow unfortunately although it is faster. A couple of games that were playable before still got a good performance improvement such as Alien 3 the gun.

I do think it might be possible to get Point Blank 1 Arcade running better on the Pi, I might just be missing the perfect version of Mame required, so I’ll continue to look at that.

The XU4 has Sega Saturn, Naomi and Atomiswave support which will be great for Lightgun games if Lightgun / mouse support was added to the emulator. Hopefully that will come as it would unlock a golden generation of Sega Lightgun games including Virtua Cop 1/2 and House Of The Dead 1/2.

So at the moment no strong reason to upgrade if you are mostly interested in Lightgun games.


  1. I look forward for your kickstarter project. Please do extensive research on procution costs and also shipping. and also don’t overdue with rewards. Many projects failed because of poor caculation of extra rewards and production costs. I would not like to see, that your product fails and backers don’t get their guns.

    I personally I’m interested into buying two guns, for 2 multiplayer mode so please experiment how both guns works together.

    Ps: there is a strong retro cummunity who has given up on light gun games, but you bring us hope of retro comeback šŸ˜‰

    1. Hi Matej, thank for your input, that is the most challenging part of the project, people don’t realise how much things cost when you are not a large multinational company. I’m working hard to keep the cost down. Luckily I have already completed most of the productionising so I shouldn’t have any unexpected large killer costs, I’m just working hard to balance the numbers.

      1. Was just looking to see if Feb was still in the cards for the Kickstarter. Thanks for mentioning. I have been excited to back this and get to check it out on my PC and Dreamcade Replay. Looking forward to seeing more testing.

    1. Hi Jaquio

      It works with all the major emulators / systems on the PC. On the Pi and Odroid XU4 it works with all the emulators that have Lightgun support which is Nes and Mame at the moment however Lightgun support on the Pi is making good progress and I expect to see wider support soon.

  2. Really interested in this. I will be using it only on a good pc setup which Iā€™m running up to ps3 at the moment, these guns would be a great addition.

    Is there a minimum distance for them to work effectively?

    1. Hi Fraser, absolute minimum distance is about the diagonal size of the television back. So a 50 inch television which is measured corner to corner would be 50 inches back. That works fully for 4:3 ratio games running on a 16:9 tv. If you are filling the full width of the screen you would need to be a bit further back again. I reckon about 1.5 times the horizontal width of the tv. By the time it comes round to any ordering I’ll make sure that I’ve fully measured and clearly stated the numbers.

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