Playstation 1 and 2 original console Sinden Lightgun support

Hi Everyone

I’ve got a really exciting development for the project. I’ve managed to demonstrate a hardware mod that enables the Sinden Lightgun to work on an original Playstation 1 and Playstation 2 console. It’s something that I’ve wanted to achieve for quite a long time and is an important milestone on the project roadmap.

The plan is to turn this into a single easy mod so you can just attach it to a Raspberry Pi, connect it up and play but either way the instructions and software will be available from Day 1 of the Kickstarter units being delivered. The mod as demonstrated can be made for as cheap as £10 and just needs a Raspberry Pi, no soldering required. I’ve literally only just got this working so I think there is room for optimization too

Long term hopefully I can make a self contained Lightgun unit that works too.

I’m hoping to demonstrate in the near future this mod working with the original Xbox and further down the line I’m confident it will work with PS2 Guncon2 and PS3 Guncon3. Further systems are targeted for the future.

The mod works with composite video, at the moment the solution if you want component or RGB is to use an OSSC. Chris M contacted me to let me know an OSSC already has the functionality to add the border and he kindly sent me a picture. An OSSC will give you a great picture with fast performance on the conversion to HDMI too. This is House Of The Dead 2 on the Dreamcast:




  1. Awesome project.

    Question: does this works with LEDs?

    Question 2: this project it’s for backers only?

  2. Good news that the OSSC will have the boarder to support the lightgun 🙂 This was something I was hoping for, with this we will get a option to enjoy the best possible picture from the consoles 🙂

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