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I thought I would make this post because it can be difficult getting a good summary of Lightgun game support on the Pi. I played all of these using the latest RetroPie build in December 2018. I was testing all of these using my Sinden Lightgun technology but it should be the same as other Lightgun devices.

RetroArch Bug
There is a bug that clicking a mouse button with an overlay enabled will crash RetroArch. This is detail on this here and a work around:

FCEUMM – This works really well. You need to set the options for pointer and crosshair is optional. I found you don’t need to set a controller to Zapper. This means you can use the controller and press select to control the menus in Duck Hunt. Right click didn’t work for me as an offscreen reload.

Nestopia – The Lightgun just starts working if you have an appropriate device connected. I believe this is because of the included NstDatabase.xml data.

Work’s great as long as you can get the game to work. Follow this guide:
I found my gamepad was always detected as Player 1. I just clicked start with Player 2 instead. I’m sure this was easily fixable. In one player games I unplugged my gamepad.
Num Lock removes Mame drawn crosshairs.

Terminator 2 – Works great in pretty much all versions of Mame.
Lethal Enforcers 1 and 2 (use cheats to solve reload issue) – I use Advmame 1.4
Point Blank 2 – Advmame 1.4/3+, slow but just about playable.
Point Blank 1 – Got it to work in a different Mame, Mame 2010 I think (will check), slow but just about playable.
Time Crisis – Advmame 1.4 (didn’t work for me in 3+), very very slow but still cool. To calibrate Lightgun you need to do F2 + 9 or similar to access the calibration screen.
Area 51 – I couldn’t get to work but appearently it does.
Jurassic Park – Runs fine but couldn’t calibrate cursor.
Alien 3 The Gun – Advmame 1.4/3+ Runs OK, a tiny bit glitchy and a little slow but still playable.
The majority of all older Arcade Lightgun games are supported if they work in Mame.

SNES9x (various versions) supports Superscope however I couldn’t get it to work. I think it is broken. Some people think it worked in the past but an old version didn’t work for me either. Should be an easy fix as the core is there. You set player 2 to Superscope and there are crosshair options available. I didn’t get anything at all. **Update** I managed to change the code to register a shot but I couldn’t get the direction to work.

Sega Master System and Genesis
lr-Genesis-plus-gx – This is the only core with any Lightgun functionality for Sega. Originally only the click events worked. Now after some changes only the movement works. You need to set player 2 to a Lightgun and also switch on the crosshair in the options. However without the movement events this is useless. It should be an easy fix soon though. This might be a good way to play Mad Dog Mccree using the Sega CD version.

Does have mouse support but doesn’t support absolute coordinate mouse devices like Lightgun or Touchscreen. I could play MadDog Mccree 1/2 plus other American Laser Games but not with line of sight. The graphics were terrible, Mad Dog Mccree is probably the most playable of these. **Update** I’m confident I’m going to be able to add Lightgun support to lr-dosbox soon.

Playstation lr-PCSX-Rearmed
No mouse support but does run games very well.
Please see my other blog post for progress with Playstation – PCSX-rearmed Lightgun games.
I’m planning to get Guncon mouse support added to the main lr-pcsx-rearmed core within a few months. Most of the playstation one Lightgun game catalogue is supported.

No working emulator.

Reicast (optional core to install) runs surprisingly well Again no mouse support yet. Confidential mission runs great and apparently Death Crimson 2 and OX both run too. Virtua Cop 2 and House Of The Dead 2 are both dreamcast games that are currently unsupported but I’m hoping if Lightgun support was added support for these would be completed assuming there is no fundamental blocker. Lightgun mouse support has only just been added to the parent code on PC so hopefully this will propagate.
lr-Reicast has been updated recently to work on the Raspberry Pi. It does have Lightgun code but I have not been able to get that code to work. However I was able to add my own Lightgun code in just for Sega Naomi Arcade. Please see my other blog post on House Of The Dead 2.

A lot of Lightgun support has been added literally just in the last year so hopefully it keeps progressing. I believe most of these cores will be working within 2019. Playstation 1 is the real massive opportunity. A Pi 4 release would also unlock so much more potential!


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