Raspberry Pi – Performance improvement

Hi All

Just a very quick blog update, I’ve spent some time since the original video and I’m managed to significantly improve the performance on the Raspberry Pi.

Firstly I’ve cut the capture and processing time of an entire frame from 45ms to 35ms and also I found a Linux setting for the poll rate of the mouse which I’ve decreased to every 2ms.  The default was significantly higher.  These combined together created a real noticable performance boost.  I’ll show a video of the improvements slightly further down the line ahead of a Kickstarter or if I manage any other significant developments with the Raspberry Pi before then.

Just for reference the classic Nes Zapper will take at least 3 frames (48ms) for registering a single target and 4 frames (64ms) for double targets such as 2 ducks in Duck Hunt.


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