Sinden Lightgun – new prototype preview

Hi Everyone

This is the first opportunity to see a preview of the first production version of the Sinden Lightgun. It is an original design inspired by various Arcade Lightguns and has been 3D printed using SLS technology. It contains a 60fps camera and along with the PC software can process each frame in under 5ms. This in my own opinion gives a gaming experience equal to CRT Lightguns.

I’m very keen to get this into production as I genuinely cannot wait for everyone to have a go. My current plan is to launch a Kickstarter in March to achieve the numbers I need for the minimum order values which is currently around 250 units. I was hoping for February but of course everything takes longer than planned.


  1. Gun looks awesome, I’m excited.. In the descriptions, it says it’s compatible with Linux, Rasp Pi, and (I think Microsoft?).. Is it compatible with the original systems like NES/SNES?

  2. This is amazing! Rooting hard for you to get this off the ground! Good luck man! By the way, will it work with Retron 5? I know you said original system support will be down the road a bit, but Iโ€™m hopeful thatโ€™s not the case for R5, as it actually pulls the roms off the cartridges and then uses emulation for the actual game play.

  3. I just stumbled on this in the retropie forum on reddit. I am beyond excited! I can’t wait to give you my money! Any chance of Android compatiblity? I think what you have done already is amazing!

  4. I’d love to eventually use this on my (S)NSES Classic, Playstation Classic or even AVS, but even if it ends up just working on PC emulators (or requires me to buy a Raspberry Pi), I’ll still be on board. I miss light gun games in the current gaming era and have never had a good experience with sensor bar systems. As long as you ship to Australia, I’ll be sure to grab one as soon as they’re available!

  5. LOVE the pump action reload! I wish there was also an alternate reload button on the base of the grip where the magazine would go, though, but the cable is there, so… ๐Ÿ™

    I also agree with people who would like working recoil on this, even if it was a “deluxe” version that cost more.

    Finally, I presume the finished production models will be day-glo orange or something to comply with most country’s toy firearm laws? ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. It should have an additional orange tip, if users were to remove this themselves against safety advice then that would be up to them.

    1. It runs directly on a Pi without needing additional hardware. It doesn’t work with original consoles at the moment. There is a chance it can work direct with NES/SNES/Playstation classic consoles further down the line. The hardware and software is compatible but it is hard to install the pre-requisites due to them being closed systems. I’m keeping an eye on developments in this respect.

  6. So for the pump action, does that work like a “button” where you can assign the action of reloading, cause some games might have reloading only by shooting off screen, could we potentially assign for example the Aliens shooting game for the pump action could be like throwing the grenade or assign a any other button action?

    1. Yes, they are all assignable actions including offscreen. You can also assign different actions based on offscreen left/right/top/bottom events. You can assign the same event to multiple actions. So for example, as a default I have the pump action, front left button and offscreen left and right assigned to mouse right click. The trigger is obviously assigned to left mouse click. If you are left handed, you might want to assign the front right button to a right click instead of the front left button. The final version should have enough buttons to be able to navigate menus and things too.

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