Very very close – August 2020

Hi Everyone

A quick public update for those who are unable to see the regular Kickstarter and Indiegogo updates. The lightgun is currently being manufactured and assembled in the UK. The first units are strongly expected to begin getting to backers within the next month (August).

I’m going to send 100 units in the first batch and monitor the delivery and customs success rates over the following week and then ramp up to send over a thousand in the weeks following assuming no major delivery issues.

The first units will be for the non-recoil version which has now been fully manufactured except for the assembly. The recoil version is slightly further behind, I’m still hoping to ship some recoil units in August but it is highly likely to slip into September.

This is what 5000 Sinden Lightgun plastic shells looks like at the factory:

Very exciting times ahead and thank you to everyone who has backed the project and everyone who follows it with interest. Your support is much appreciated.

Best regards


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  1. Hi Andy, here after watching a fb video from linustechtips. This looks amazing and first of all congratulations on this amazing thing!

    I wanted to ask if there are any plans for a blowback slide option? Those were my favorite for time crisis back in the day. I would definitely pay the premium for two of those and definitely willing to wait for those.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi not currently, just too much complexity for my manufacturing capability at the moment.

  2. Andy does the sinden lightgun works automatically with alien extermination because my aimtraks don’t.

    1. It does work but it doesn’t solve any of the problems that you are having. I couldn’t get it to work with Demulshooter and only with the separate utility Argon did just for Aliens extermination.

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