Production Updates

Update Sunday 15th May

A good solid week this week. The factory completed all orders up to #18000 for UK, EU and World and up to #17790 for USA orders. The remaining USA orders up to #18000 should dispatch on Monday and Tuesday.

The factory will be completing those remaining orders of #17500-18000 at the start of the week and moving on to #18000-18500 where I expect them to complete more than half of that range.

The monthly Indiegogo update is planned for next weekend and should be published by Tuesday 24th May at the latest.

Update Sunday 8th May

A very disappointing week again. I did say 2 weeks ago that factory performance always seemed to suffer in a week with a Monday public holiday and this week was no exception with the public holiday on the Monday. The factory sent out a chunk of USA orders up to #17673 but that was as far as they got. I will have to allocate a bigger production hit to the schedule for weeks with public holidays in the future. The remaining USA orders from #17000-17500 were dispatched on Tuesday as planned.

This week will unfortunately still be spent finishing off #17500-18000. New orders are in the #19000-19500 range so whilst the poor week is disappointing we are still only a few weeks away from completely clearing the long standing backlog. Many apologies for the orders with an estimated April dispatch date (#17500-18500) that have slipped into May.

Update Sunday 1st May

A positive week this week. The factory were back to normal production levels and completed up to #17500. All orders up to #17500 were dispatched by Friday other than USA orders between #17365 and #17469 which are ready but will be dispatched on Tuesday. Monday is another public holiday in the UK.

Next week we are aiming to keep the good performance going and complete as much of #17500-18000 as possible. The target is to complete the whole range but Monday is another public holiday in the UK so that will hit performance a little bit but hopefully not as much as the previous public holidays.

Update Sunday 24th April

A frustrating week again this week. It seems in general, production and dispatches in the UK all around suffer on weeks that start or end with a public holiday. Probably because people tend to attach their annual leave to these events. I was led to believe that last week would be back to full strength except for the Monday public holiday but it was another week of poor performance. Only a small batch of USA orders up to #17074 were dispatched. Some further batches were completed but not collected on Friday but overall it was not a strong week even if they had been collected.

I’m visiting the factory on Tuesday and I will be making sure that we get production back to the January, February, March levels rather than April which has been poor.

The target for this week will be clearing #17000-17500 and then more importantly sustaining that again for several weeks.

Overall I’m confident we are still in good position to dispatch the May orders on schedule (and very much so the newest June orders) but several more of the April orders are likely to move into the start of May so apologies for that.

Update Sunday 17th April

This week the factory completed #16500-17000 but didn’t make much more than a small dent in #17000-17500. There was a public holiday in the UK on the Friday for Easter which didn’t help along with another on this coming Monday. I mentioned previously that a couple of members of the factory team were away on annual leave also but the good news is that the team should be back to full strength this week starting from Tuesday.

So the aim for this week is to complete #17000-17500.

Update Sunday 10th April

Slightly disappointing week this time. The factory completed almost all of #16500-17000. They completed all UK and World orders in this range. The remaining EU orders in the range are now complete but they were ready after the Friday collection so are expected to go on Monday. The USA orders are complete up till #16818. The remaining ones are expected to complete dispatch by Tuesday.

This week we will definitely complete the remaining #16500-17000 and get about half way through #17000-17500. We have a couple of members of the factory team on annual leave last week and this week which hasn’t been helpful for production. However we should be back up to 100% capacity after this coming week.

The monthly Indiegogo update will be next weekend or the Monday so will be published by Monday April 18th.

Update Sunday 3rd April

A solid week, the factory completed dispatches of all remaining #16000-16500 orders and made a good start on #16500-17000. They reached #16719 for USA orders, #16772 for UK orders, #16705 for world orders and unfortunately the first EU batch didn’t go out. However that should go out Monday/Tuesday which will be up to #16717.

The aim this week will be to complete dispatches for #16500-17000 and start #17000-17500.

Update Sunday 27th March

As expected this weeks production was still affected by last week’s mini covid outbreak. The factory made some progress and completed EU orders up to #16283 and World orders up to #16253. Some more USA parcels went up to #16362 but no further UK parcels (complete up to #16328).

We should be back to normal capacity again this week, we will definitely finish the #16000-16500 range and will be looking to get over 50% of #16500-17000 dispatched. This puts us about half a week behind schedule in regards to the last Indiegogo update but still on track to dispatch all parcels expected to be dispatched in April by the end of April.

Update Sunday 20th March

Disappointing week this time round, the factory has had a mini outbreak of covid, 8 people out of around 25 employees at the factory are affected, of course not everyone at the factory works directly on the lightgun project but 2 workers who do including one of the most important productive people was affected so we took a hit. They dispatched the remaining EU parcels for #15500-16000 and then completed around 1/3rd of #16000-16500.

They completed USA up to #16260 and UK up to #16328, the next batches to go in the first half of next week should be the first half of the EU and World batches. Our aim for next week which is still likely to be covid affected is completing the remaining 2/3rds of #16000 to #16500. As the week after next was listed as a buffer week on the recent Indiegogo estimated schedule there is still a good opportunity for us to catch up and keep aligned with the schedule using that week.

Update Sunday 13th March

We completed all orders up to #16000 this week. All of them were dispatched by Friday except the final batch of EU orders which was completed but after the delivery collection and therefore should go on Monday. This is the EU orders in the range #15765-16000.

This week we will be aiming to complete all or most of #16000-16500.

I should be providing the monthly Indiegogo update tomorrow evening (Monday 14th March).

If you are an order under #16000 and you haven’t received tracking, please contact our customer service email address which is shown at the bottom of this page and they will be happy to provide it.

Update Monday 7th March

We completed dispatches for all the remaining orders up to #15500 and got around 50% of #15500-16000 dispatched. We completed all USA orders up to #15813 and all UK orders up to #15752. The first half of the EU and World orders should go on Monday and Tuesday.

The aim this week is to complete #15500-16000 by the end of the week and make a good start on #16000-16500. This keeps us right on track with the schedule published in the last Indiegogo update but no cushion left.

Monthly Indiegogo update should be in the next week, by Monday 14th March at the latest.

Update Sunday 27th February

Another good solid week, the factory completed dispatches of all orders up to #15500 for all regions except USA which was completed up to #15358. The remaining USA orders should dispatch on Monday or Tuesday.

The aim for this week is complete as much of #15500-16000 as possible. I expect we will probably hit around 75% and need to finish of the remaining 25% at the start of the week after.

Update Saturday 19th February

A good week again this week. The factory completed all of the remaining orders for #14500-15000 and also made a small start on #15000-15500. They completed USA only orders up to #15166.

The plan is to complete #15000-15500 this week and that will put us exactly in line with the predicted schedule in the previous Indiegogo update.

Update Sunday 13th February

A solid but unspectacular week this time round. #14000-14500 was completed by midweek as expected and a good first chunk of #14500-15000 dispatched on Friday. They dispatched USA parcels up to #14843 and UK parcels up to #14708. It’s likely that the first half of the EU and World parcels in this range will dispatch on Monday or Tuesday and then the rest of this range for all regions should complete dispatch by Friday 18th February.

The aim for the week is to complete #14500-15000 as described above and make progress with some of #15000-15500.

Update Sunday 6th February

Another positive week. The remaining orders in #13500-14000 were dispatched by Wednesday as planned. The factory also dispatched around 2/3rds of #14000-14500. This time round all the UK and EU parcels were completed. USA was completed up to #14272. The World parcels (all other regions) was completed after the Friday collection and are expected to dispatch tomorrow on Monday 7th February. The remaining USA parcels should dispatch by Wednesday 9th February.

This week we will be complete dispatch of #14000-14500 by Wednesday and like last week aim for as much of the next range #14500-15000 as possible. The main parcel collection should be on Friday 11th February.

Update Friday 28th January

A solid week again. We completed the outstanding EU batch #13000-13500 so all that range is now complete. That made it out on Tuesday 25th. Additionally the factory completed around 2/3rds of #13500-14000. This is the breakdown:
All USA up to #13872
All EU up to #14000
All World (combined all regions except from USA, EU and UK) up to #14000
UK – Batch was not completed in time for collection (we can’t dispatch part batches).

So the UK parcels and some USA parcels just missed out this time, however they are expected to be dispatched with an extra collection by Wednesday 2nd Feb.

The plan for this week is complete those last UK and USA parcels from #13500-14000 and then go for the majority of #14000-14500.

I will probably be doing the monthly Indiegogo update just after next weekend so by Tuesday 8th Feb at the latest.

Update Sunday 23rd January

Another good solid week, all orders up to #13500 for all regions except for the EU batch were dispatched on Friday, so the large majority was completed. They just ran out of time for the final batch. Not sure yet whether we can get the EU batch out early next week with an extra collection or whether it has to go with next week’s batch which should be on Friday 28th January. Next week we will obviously complete the EU orders from #13000-13500 and aiming for all of #13500-14000 range.

Update Friday 14th January

A good week for production and all orders in the #12500-13000 range were dispatched earlier today. Next week the target is #13000-13500 which should dispatch on Friday 21st January.

Update Sunday 9th January

Factory re-opened after Christmas on Tuesday 4th January. They dispatched all remaining orders up to #12500 on Friday 7th January. This week they are aiming to complete #12500-13000 which should dispatch on Friday 14th January.

Update Thursday 23rd December

Good solid week for this final week before Christmas. #11500-12000 was completed and a large chunk of #12000-12500 was completed. USA orders up to #12212 were completed and for all other regions up to #12500 was completed.

The UK based factory is now shut over Christmas and will open after the New Year public holiday which is Tuesday 4th January. That week should complete #12000-12500 and make a good dent into #12500-13000. We are expecting good performance in January.

December Indiegogo update should be published tomorrow (Friday 24th December).

Merry Christmas everyone and I hope you have some lovely time with your families and friends.

Update Sunday 19th December

We were not able to get our usual parcel collection on Friday, our parcel company was struggling with staffing numbers due to the new Omicron covid variant spreading fast in the UK and causing chaos. We are scheduled now to get a collection on Tuesday and also Thursday however things are changing very fast. It did also have a small to medium hit on production at our factory. Our main issue was multiple local schools closing early for Christmas due to Covid cases, when parents hadn’t got any plans in place. This was on top of December already being a popular month with lots of staff to take some of their holiday leave.

I think that realistically we are looking at prioritising the collection of the remaining 11500-12000 orders early next week and then what ever we can get dispatched for 12000-12500 before Christmas is a bonus.

Even if the UK goes into full lockdown after Christmas the factory will still be able to continue and the factory and staff can make plans around the restrictions but things have literally been changing on a daily basis this week. I will give a weekly update on where they get to this week and I’m also planning to do the monthly Indiegogo update this week before Christmas.

Please look after yourselves and your families.

Update Sunday 12th December

All remaining orders up to #11500 were completed for all countries on Friday, this was completing the outstanding USA parcels from that range. The factory dispatched a good chunk of #11500-12000 but this was USA parcels up to #11783. The majority of the orders go to USA so this is reasonable progress for that #11500-12000 range.

As described in previous updates when only part of a range goes it is down to luck which regions go first and the order is rotated where possible each batch. So last batch some of the USA parcels were the only outstanding ones, and this time round a chunk of the USA ones were the only ones that went. We have to ship batches of parcels together per region (USA, UK, EU and World (all others)).

Next week the target is completing up to #12000 and making progress on #12000-12500. I’ll be adding #12000-12500 on to the parcel system early next week so you might start get some tracking emails but I will confirm on this page when they have all been added.

I will be doing my December Indiegogo update in the week before Christmas with a target plan for clearing all the outstanding backlog at the start of 2022.

Update Sunday 5th December

Another OK week this time, all parcels up to #11500 except for USA ones were completed. They got up to #11251 with the USA parcels. These will complete in the next collection which is most likely Friday 10th December.

Orders in the #11500-12000 are now added to the parcel system. If you haven’t received a tracking email by the end of Monday please email us at the customer services email address shown at the bottom of this page and we will be happy to send your tracking link.

The target this week is to complete as much of that #11500-12000 range as possible which will be picked up on Friday 10th December if the collection comes before the weekend or Monday 13th if it comes after the weekend.

Update Sunday 28th November

All orders up to #11000 are now completed, the USA parcels that were outstanding from last week were dispatched on Friday. We could not get an additional midweek collection. Performance was slightly disappointing as wanted to get the majority of #11000-11500 completed also but unfortunately that is mostly still outstanding.

About 50% of parcels in the #11000-11126 range also went last week, with the majority being USA. This was based on what was ready in time for the collection and there is no real pattern for what has gone in this range and what hasn’t, so please check your tracking.

This week, they should this time complete #11000-11500 which is most likely to be collected on Friday 3rd December.

Update Sunday 21st November

An OK week this time, all UK, EU and World (everywhere except USA) parcels up to #11000 made it out on Thursday afternoon. The collection came too early for the USA parcels up to #11000 to be finished, which should go in an additional collection scheduled for Tuesday 23rd November.

The aim for this week is #11000-11500 which should be dispatched in a collection on Friday 26th November or the Monday if after the weekend.

All parcels up to #11500 have been added to the parcel system now. If you haven’t got an early tracking email by close of play Monday then please check your spam folder and also double check that you haven’t used a different email address when you backed the project. If no tracking email then please contact us at the customer services email address shown further down this page and we will get that sent to you.

Update Sunday 14th November

A good solid full production week last week. #10000-10500 was completed and dispatched on Friday 12th November. #10500-11000 is the planned target for next week, will most likely dispatch on Friday 19th November.

Due to a change in process, from next week, we should be now triggering the first tracking emails on the day of dispatch. They were previously sent early due to a limitation in the system which has now been addressed. So after I confirm that range is dispatched with an update on this page, if there is no tracking email for you by the next day then please contact the customer services email address shown further down this page.

Update Sunday 7th November

The issues described in last weeks update are now resolved and production is back up to 100% (with no shortcuts). This took till Wednesday to resolve which didn’t leave much time for assembling and packing but they at least cleared all remaining orders in #9500-10000.

This week they will be aiming to complete #10000-10500 which will dispatch on Friday or Monday. I will also be adding #10500-11000 onto the parcel system so you may start getting pre-dispatch tracking emails ahead of next week if you are in that range. As always I will confirm on here when all the orders have been added for that range and then if anyone hasn’t got tracking they can email customer services.

These factory blips are very frustrating but I’m now expecting some really good solid weeks to clear the majority of the remaining backlog.

I am planning to do the monthly Indiegogo update next weekend.

Update Sunday 31st October

A very very disappointing week. Despite saying on my last Indiegogo update the key to production was avoiding a factory blip we managed to have a big blip this week. They ran out of lightgun mainboards (which are also manufactured on site). Then when they went to manufacture them they had an issue with the PCB assembly machine which needs a new part which won’t arrive till Monday, completely blocking the dispatches. They managed to dispatch one small batch which was the remaining UK orders of 9500-10000. This was from lightguns they had already assembled.

They have been able to continue assembling lightguns, but completing everything except adding the mainboard. So they are optimistic of recovering a good chunk of the time, but I won’t know till the end of this coming week what the time damage is. The target is frustratingly the same as last week, complete 9500-10000 and complete most of or all of 10000-10500.

I have made my feelings clear and re-iterated my expectations to the factory. When they are not blipping we are dispatching per week 4 times the amount of the new orders so we are still rapidly reducing the backlog and the majority of the backlog should still be clear by Christmas. Just need to make sure there are no more blips!

Apologies for the frustrating update, we are still moving forwards and will be where we need to be very soon. Thank you for your patience.

Update Sunday 24th October

Good solid week last week, #9000-9500 was completed in Fridays collection and the majority of #9500-10000 went also. All the EU ones went, most of the USA ones up to around #9897 and about half the UK and world ones but distributed across the range #9500-10000. The remaining ones will hopefully dispatch on Tuesday or Wednesday if we can get an additional collection, if not they will go in next week’s collection which should be Friday 29th October.

I have now also added #10000-10500 to the parcel system and the tracking emails should start coming through. If you haven’t received one by close of play Tuesday, please drop us an email at the customer services email address shown near the bottom of the page and we will be happy to share your tracking link. Please remember to check your spam folder and also consider if you might have used a different email address when backing.

The majority of #10000-10500 should go in the Friday collection next week (29th October). I’m challenging the factory to complete the whole range.

Update Sunday 17th October

The majority of #9000-9500 was dispatched on Friday, but still around 100 parcels still remaining which are mostly EU and World (World is non UK, non USA and non EU). This is just bad luck that it is these regions, they are NOT given a lower priority. So the factory is behind what they should have delivered in the last 2 weeks although they have said the issue was mostly with dispatch and they plan to make up some of that lost time.

The target for this coming week is completing the remaining orders in #9000-9500 along with the majority or all of #9500-10000.

Update Monday 11th October

As mentioned in my update yesterday, the EU parcels from #8500-9000 whose tracking was not updating have now been located and I can see the tracking updated. Huge apologies to the approximately 20 people this affected. The parcel company didn’t give me any details but at least they have located them and they are moving.

Update Sunday 10th October

The majority of #9000-9500 or all of them, should go with the next collection early this week. #9500-10000 has now been added to the parcel system so if you haven’t got an early tracking email then please email the customer services email address (shown at the bottom of this page) for your tracking link. The factory will start work on them this week and they will mostly likely go Monday 18th October or Tuesday 19th October.

We have had several reports about EU parcels from #8500-9000 not having updated tracking. We are looking into this with the parcel company, this happened once before and the parcels did eventually update however it has now been a week so if we can’t get any updates early next week then we might have to consider them missing and re-send. If this happens we will contact customers with new tracking.

Update Sunday 3rd October

The range #8500-9000 completed last week, the final orders shipping on Friday. The factory is now working on #9000-9500. This should complete this week and is likely to ship on Friday 8th October or Monday 11th if we can’t get a Friday collection. We are adding #9500-10000 onto the parcel system this week and some early tracking emails for that range should start coming through.

Update Sunday 26th September

The range #8000-8500 completed last week on Thursday 23rd September. The factory has made good progress on #8500-9000 and is aiming to complete Tuesday 28th September. The target is then completing #9000-9500 by the following Monday which is 4th October.

Monthly Indiegogo update should be next weekend Saturday 2nd October or Sunday 3rd October.

Update Sunday 19th September

Much better week this week, #7500-8000 completed on Tuesday 14th September. over 50% of #8000-8500 was dispatched on Friday. The target for the factory is to finish #8000-8500 as quick as possible next week and move on to #8500-9000 with a target dispatch of Monday 27th September.

Yesterday I added #9000-9500 to the parcel system and if you are in that range you should have got a tracking email saying your parcel is expected to be dispatched soon. If you haven’t, please check your spam and also double check you haven’t ordered with a different email address. If no luck then please email the customer services email address further down the page and we can manually send you your tracking.

Update Sunday 12th September

A frustrating week this week as the factory delayed the parcel collection so they could finish all the #7500-8000 range but then they were not able to get a parcel collection at the end of the week. That means they could obviously move on with #8000-8500 in the meantime and start on them however it does give a bit of a lack of visibility of progress on that range to make estimates.

So #7500-8000 will go when the parcel collection finally comes on Monday or Tuesday but I don’t have a clear idea yet of how much of #8000-8500 that will contain so it’s a little bit hard to give estimates but I want that range completed as quick as possible next week so can move onto #8500-9000 which they should be starting next week as per the schedule.

So going down the middle of the estimates I would suggest that #8500-9000 instead of going by Monday 20th Sept which would have been the plan, is likely to be pushed back towards the end of that week. However next week’s update will have more clarity as I’ll be visiting the factory to chase performance.

#8500-9000 has now been added to the parcel system so if you didn’t get a first tracking email (remember to check your spam), please email our customer services email shown further down this page.

Update Friday 3rd September

In line with the last update, some of #7500-8000 started shipping on Wednesday 1st, the remainder should go on Monday 6th September. It is a bit tight due to the UK public holiday we had on Monday this week so there is a chance the final 50 or so parcels might go out with the next dispatch but the majority will definitely go.

#8000-8500 has now been added to the parcel system so you should have got your first tracking email (waiting for dispatch) if you are in that range. If you haven’t received a tracking email (don’t forget to check your spam) please email the customer services email address shown further down the page. We will be looking to complete this range on Friday 10th September next week or Monday 13th September.

#8500-9000 should be added to the parcel system in the next few days and I’ll confirm in the next update, so if you don’t have a tracking email you can contact us after that is confirmed.

Update Sunday 29th August

The remainders of #6500-7000 went on Tuesday with some of #7000-7500 and the remainders of #7000-7500 went on Friday morning.

Monday is a public holiday in the UK which will have a small hit on the weekly output but some of #7500-8000 should go on Tuesday 31st August / Wednesday 1st September and the range should complete Friday 3rd September or Monday 6th September.

#8000-9000 should be added to the parcel system this week so you should get an early tracking email soon if you are in that range. I’ll confirm on this page when they are added and if you haven’t got a tracking email then you can email customer services (email address shown at bottom of the page).

Update Sunday 22nd August

Most of #6500-7000 (but not all) was dispatched on Thursday. The remaining ones along with #7000-7500 should go on Tuesday or Wednesday this week. Will be planning to do #7500-8000 after that and dispatch them after next weekend, probably Tuesday 31st August if things go to plan.

Will be doing my more detailed monthly update on Indiegogo next weekend, Saturday 28th or Sunday August 29th.

Update Friday 13th August

All orders up to #6500 are now dispatched, the final ones in the #6000-6500 range went on Thursday. Last week’s update is still on track which is planning to complete up to #7500 in next weeks parcels with the final ones probably dispatching just after the weekend, so Monday 23rd or Tuesday 24th August.

Update Friday 6th August

The majority of #6000-6500 was dispatched today, the remainder should go on Tuesday, which is much later than I expected. We send each range in multiple batches of about 50 parcels. The factory got their estimates of colours wrong and basically ran out of assembled red recoil lightguns. So most of the manifests were about 75% done but they couldn’t complete until they had finished assembling more red recoil lightguns. We have to send each manifest complete and can’t send part manifests. They have also got around half of #6500-7000 done but also mostly waiting for the red recoil lightguns bottle neck to complete the manifests. The aim is to catch up and complete the remainders of #6000-7000 and do #7000-7500 in the next 2 weeks.

#7000-8000 have now been added to the parcel system so tracking emails should be coming through now. Please feel free to contact our customer services email (shown much further down the page) if you haven’t received a tracking email by Tuesday. The range #7000-7500 includes all the early orders that were upgraded to recoil but as a consequence needed to go back in the queue.

Update Sunday 1st August

Last week’s parcels #6000-6500 should be collected Monday 2nd August and worst case Tuesday 3rd August. #6500-7000 is targeted to complete by Friday 6th August or Monday 9th August depending on the parcel collection. Will provide a mini update when last weeks parcels are collected early this week.

Update Saturday 24th July

All orders #5500-6000 were dispatched on Friday. #6000-6500 is planned for this coming week. #6500-7000 will be added on to the parcel system in the next few days so you should get a tracking notification ahead of the dispatch which will update when they are dispatched which should be the week after next. I’m particularly looking forward to getting #7000-8000 out in the next few weeks as this range contains all the orders for all the people that upgraded from non-recoil to recoil but had to go to the back of the queue at the time for fairness (this was a known condition of upgrading). These people have been waiting the longest and I really want to get them up and playing.

Update Sunday 18th July

My update from the factory was that all remaining dispatches up to #5500 completed on Friday. I have mentioned before that I like to see the updates on the parcel tracking for 100% confirmation before confirming in the weekly production updates but doesn’t look like the tracking is going to update over the weekend this time, so will hopefully see tracking updates on Monday.

2 of our packing team unfortunately had to isolate due to exposure to someone with Covid which created a bit of a hit with dispatch last week but the build team was able to continue assembling units so that should mean a good boost when they return later this week.

Please see the monthly Indiegogo update which was published today also. There is really positive news about the increasing of the team size.

Update Sunday 11th July

#5000-5500 expected to be collected on Tuesday. #5500-6000 aiming to dispatch in a collection on Friday 16th July or Monday 19th July as a minimum. New team members were being introduced and trained at the end of last week so I’m hoping this is finally the week where we see the production lift. Orders #6000-7000 should go onto the system within the next week and tracking should come through in advance of them being sent.

Update Sunday 4th July

Performance has been a bit disappointing in June, no need to panic yet as good and bad weeks do happen. The factory’s other big project which was mentioned in the monthly Indiegogo update is due to finish about half way through this coming week. I’ve been promised the bulk of that team to move onto our project. So I’m expecting huge progress this month. #5000-5500 will complete in the next collection estimated Friday 9th or Monday 12th July and #5500-6000 should start in that shipment too. We are in line with recoil and non-recoil now. Should get a real view on the factory performance increase in time for the next monthly Indiegogo update mid July.

Update Friday 2nd July

All remaining #4500-5000 orders were dispatched today, tracking should show updates later tonight or tomorrow. Further update to follow at the weekend about overall progress.

Update Sunday 27th June

Had issues with parcel collection this week, was warned early that they couldn’t come till later in the week but on Thursday they said they couldn’t come till Friday and then on Friday they didn’t make it in time before the factory closed for the weekend. Don’t see it as a huge issue as they will pick them up early this coming week instead. That collection will complete up to #5000 and a large percentage of #5000-5500. However I was told that the factory have not yet completed all of that range so will take up some of the time next week so we are a couple of days behind. We will get onto #5500-6000, I’m not certain we will complete that range but that is the target for this week.

Update Monday 21st June

Parcel collection for last week’s parcels not due till Thursday but will complete up to #5000 for all orders. Will be looking to complete the #5000-5500 range this week. Tracking for orders #5000-6000 likely to come through early this week as getting them all added to the parcel system.

Update Sunday 13th June

Collection on Monday or Tuesday should complete non-recoil up to #5000 and recoil up to #4500. Will confirm when collection has happened. Was hoping to catch up some of the previous week and get to #5000 across the board but this wasn’t a great week either. This coming week should be much better though. Will be looking to complete up to #5000 and making some progress with the #5000-5500 range.

Update Monday 7th June

Slightly disappointing week, not helped by the Monday public holiday in the UK. All non-recoil up to #4822 now complete, however for recoil still completing the #4000-4500 range. The minimum target for this week is to get to #5000 across the board.

All orders #5000-10000 have now been locked which means you can’t change your address on Indiegogo so please email us on the addresses shown further down the page if you need to change your address. This is because we are now going to start adding batches of these onto the parcel system as required week on week.

My next full Indiegogo update is likely to be the weekend of 12th/13th June.

Update Sunday 30th May

Last week’s parcels are expected to be collected on Tuesday (Monday is a public holiday in the UK). The range up to #4000 should be complete and #4000-4500 will partially go. This week is a shorter week but we will complete up to #4500 at least and aim to complete as many as we can of #4500-5000. They will likely dispatch on Monday 7th June.

My next full Indiegogo update is likely to be the weekend of 12th/13th June.

Update Tuesday 25th May

Last weeks parcels were picked up yesterday on Monday morning as expected.

Update Sunday 23rd May

Last weeks parcel expected to be collected tomorrow (Monday).

All parcels up to #3500 will be complete. Parcels between #3500-4000 partially shipped. Target for next week to get to #4500.

Update Wednesday 19th May

Last week’s parcels were collected Monday morning as planned, although didn’t see much updates with the tracking till Tuesday evening so don’t know if they were held up at the depot for 24 hours for some reason.

Update Sunday 16th May 2021

Last weeks parcels expected to be collected tomorrow (Monday).

All parcels up to #3000 will be complete. Parcels between #3000-3500 partially shipped. Target for next week to get to #4000.

Update Tuesday 11th May 2021

Last week’s parcels were collected this morning.

Update Sunday 9th May 2021

Following the recent pattern we didn’t have a collection on Friday but can still confirm what is packed and ready to go early next week, usually on Monday or Tuesday and what we are aiming for next week. As mentioned before when the parcel collection misses a couple of days that doesn’t affect production.

All orders up to #3000 should have a tracking email link by now. If you don’t please email the customer services email address which is displayed further down this page and ask for a tracking link.

Kickstarter #0-1466 Complete

Indiegogo #0-500 Complete

Indiegogo #500-1000 Completed 16/4/21

Indiegogo #1000-1500 Complete Tuesday 27th April

Indiegogo #1500-2000 Completed Tuesday 4th May

Indiegogo #2000-2500 Completed Tuesday 11th May

Indiegogo #2500-3000 Completed Monday 17th May.

Indiegogo #3000-3500 Completed Monday 24th May

Indiegogo #3500-4000 Completed Friday 28th May.

Indiegogo #4000-4500 Completed Monday 21st June.

Indiegogo #4500-5000 Completed Friday 2nd July.

Indiegogo #5000-5500 Completed Friday 16th July.

Indiegogo #5500-6000 Completed Friday 23rd July.

Indiegogo #6000-6500 Completed Thursday 12th August.

Indiegogo #6500-7000 Completed Tuesday 24th August.

Indiegogo #7000-7500 Completed Friday 27th August.

Indiegogo #7500-8000 Completed Tuesday 14th September.

Indiegogo #8000-8500 Completed Thursday 23rd September.

Indiegogo #8500-9000 Completed Friday 1st October.

Indiegogo #9000-9500 Completed Friday 22nd October.

Indiegogo #9500-10000 Completed Friday 5th November.

Indiegogo #10000-10500 Completed Friday 12th November.

Indiegogo #10500-11000 Completed Friday 26th November.

Indiegogo #11000-11500 Completed Friday 10th December.

Indiegogo #11500-12000 Completed Tuesday 21st December.

Indiegogo #12000-12500 Completed Friday 7th January.

Indiegogo #12500-13000 Completed Friday 14th January.

Indiegogo #13000-13500 Completed Tuesday 25th January.

Indiegogo #13500-14000 Completed Wednesday 2nd February.

Indiegogo #14000-14500 Completed Thursday 10th February.

Indiegogo #14500-15000 Completed Friday 18th February.

Indiegogo #15000-15500 Completed Tuesday 1st March.

Indiegogo #15500-16000 Completed Tuesday 16th March.

Indiegogo #16000-16500 Completed Wednesday 30th March.

Indiegogo #16500-17000 Completed Thursday 15th April.

Production Blockers

High rates of the Covid variant Omicron in the UK at the moment is causing a lot of absence but hopefully we will be past the peak on this soon.

Upcoming public holidays in the UK:
Good Friday 16th April
Easter Monday 19th April
Early May Bank Holiday 2nd May

Email Support


Q) It says my order should now have dispatched but I haven’t got any tracking email.
A) Please email customerservices at sindenlightgun .com

Q) So far you have delivered X lightguns in Y amount of time, can you explain why your estimates seem unrealistic compared to this?
A) This is because the production had major blockers in Jan and Feb and is not an accurate representation of what the factory believe their production ability to be. This doesn’t guarantee we will hit targets but is more an explanation for the optimism with performance.

Q) The project has been such a huge success why don’t you just double everything and deliver it faster.
A) Unfortunately just like most industries it doesn’t work like that. You have to identify bottlenecks and focus on improving them and then work on the next bottleneck. Doubling everything runs a huge risk of losing control of your costs which is not sensible for a start up company.

Q) My order has just been flagged as fulfilled or I just got a tracking email what does this mean?
A) The process is as follows, We create a list of orders on the parcel system that we are expecting the factory to complete in the next week or so. At this point you may get an email to say that Royal Mail are expecting it. Sometimes if the factory are then blocked at that moment you can get the email but still have to wait a while which happened a lot in Jan and Feb. As we allowed people to upgrade their order in a couple of ways managing the orders are quite complex. So every week or so, we audit the orders that are added to the parcel system and double check they are correct and tick them as fulfilled because they are dispatched or very close to being dispatched. The reason is that we can then see all the remaining unfulfilled orders on the system and check for any that have been missed and get them added. We have to just make the best use of the simple systems that are provided.

Q) You must be supplying other companies like Arcade1Up and Polymega with lightguns this must be the reason for the delays.
A) Both these companies manufacture their own lightgun products under license. Arcade1Up in particular have their own factories in the far East and have sold over 2 million arcade machines, they don’t need to borrow any of our UK manufacturing.

Q) I’m really worried about my order because things are taking so long or this must be a scam etc.
A) Please don’t worry, I appreciate that it is a significant and brave investment to back my products and I guarantee that everyone will get their Sinden Lightguns. I’ve always taken steps to make sure that the budget is carefully controlled and everything with the project is healthy. Unfortunately manufacturing is having a hard time during the pandemic and things are just taking longer than planned.

Q) Why are you still taking new orders when you have not completed the backlog?
A) This is because I have to order all my components well in advance and they can take several months to come in especially during the pandemic. If I waited till the backlog was complete then I would have a huge shortage of components and manufacturing would be on hold for several months. The important thing is that we are manufacturing and dispatching significantly more units than new orders each week.

Q) Why do so many youtubers have their lightguns when mine hasn’t arrived?
A) A lot of the youtubers referred to are actually paid backers of the project and usually original Kickstarter backers, very few freebies have been sent out and definitely not enough to have any impact on the queue for everyone else. Where a small amount of samples have been focused is to developers that might help improve emulator support or youtubers that make helpful guides to people getting into emulation. Outside of that less than 5 have been sent to youtubers that I like and I have usually been in contact with them for about 2 years. I have definitely not been mass mailing out samples.