Production Updates

Update Tuesday 11th May 2021

Last week’s parcels were collected this morning.

Update Sunday 9th May 2021

Following the recent pattern we didn’t have a collection on Friday but can still confirm what is packed and ready to go early next week, usually on Monday or Tuesday and what we are aiming for next week. As mentioned before when the parcel collection misses a couple of days that doesn’t affect production.

All orders up to #3000 should have a tracking email link by now. If you don’t please email the customer services email address which is displayed further down this page and ask for a tracking link.

Kickstarter #0-1466 Complete

Indiegogo #0-500 Complete

Indiegogo #500-1000 Completed 16/4/21

Indiegogo #1000-1500 Complete Tuesday 27th April

Indiegogo #1500-2000 Completed Tuesday 4th May

Indiegogo #2000-2500 Completed Tuesday 11th May

Indiegogo #2500-3000 Started to ship Tuesday 11th May, expected to complete Friday 14th May.

Indiegogo #3000-3500 Expected to start shipping Friday 14th May and targeting finishing this range by then too.

Indiegogo #3500-4000 All orders added to the parcel system so you might start getting tracking emails.

Additionally a large number of non-recoil Indiegogo orders up to around #5000 are already completed and expecting to complete all non-recoil up to #5000 in the next 2 weeks.

Majority of orders aiming to complete by end of June and all remaining orders aimed to complete during July.

If you upgraded with recoil AFTER your original order then your number is the contribution ID of your recoil upgrade. This was explained at the time that it will push to the back of the queue for fairness. Of course the delay has been longer than I estimated at the time, so very sorry about that, but I have no fair alternative except to work the queue in order.

Production Blockers

Easter at the start of April includes 2 public holidays in the UK where the factory is located.

Public holiday 3rd May.

Public holiday 31st May.

Email Support


Q) It says my order should now have dispatched but I haven’t got any tracking email.
A) Please email customerservices at sindenlightgun .com

Q) So far you have delivered X lightguns in Y amount of time, can you explain why your estimates seem unrealistic compared to this?
A) This is because the production had major blockers in Jan and Feb and is not an accurate representation of what the factory believe their production ability to be. This doesn’t guarantee we will hit targets but is more an explanation for the optimism with performance.

Q) The project has been such a huge success why don’t you just double everything and deliver it faster.
A) Unfortunately just like most industries it doesn’t work like that. You have to identify bottlenecks and focus on improving them and then work on the next bottleneck. Doubling everything runs a huge risk of losing control of your costs which is not sensible for a start up company.

Q) My order has just been flagged as fulfilled or I just got a tracking email what does this mean?
A) The process is as follows, We create a list of orders on the parcel system that we are expecting the factory to complete in the next week or so. At this point you may get an email to say that Royal Mail are expecting it. Sometimes if the factory are then blocked at that moment you can get the email but still have to wait a while which happened a lot in Jan and Feb. As we allowed people to upgrade their order in a couple of ways managing the orders are quite complex. So every week or so, we audit the orders that are added to the parcel system and double check they are correct and tick them as fulfilled because they are dispatched or very close to being dispatched. The reason is that we can then see all the remaining unfulfilled orders on the system and check for any that have been missed and get them added. We have to just make the best use of the simple systems that are provided.

Q) You must be supplying other companies like Arcade1Up and Polymega with lightguns this must be the reason for the delays.
A) Both these companies manufacture their own lightgun products under license. Arcade1Up in particular have their own factories in the far East and have sold over 2 million arcade machines, they don’t need to steal any of our UK manufacturing.

Q) I’m really worried about my order because things are taking so long or this must be a scam etc.
A) Please don’t worry I appreciate that it is a significant and brave investment to back my products and I guarantee that everyone will get their Sinden Lightguns. I’ve always taken steps to make sure that the budget is carefully controlled and everything with the project is healthy. Unfortunately manufacturing is having a hard time during the pandemic and things are just taking longer than planned.

Q) Why are you still taking new orders when you have not completed the backlog?
A) This is because I have to order all my components well in advance and they can take several months to come in especially during the pandemic. If I waited till the backlog was complete then I would have a huge shortage of components and manufacturing would be on hold for several months. The important thing is that we are manufacturing and dispatching significantly more units than new orders each week.

Q) Why do so many youtubers have their lightguns when mine hasn’t arrived?
A) A lot of the youtubers referred to are actually paid backers of the project and usually original Kickstarter backers, very few freebies have been sent out and definitely not enough to have any impact on the queue for everyone else. Where a small amount of samples have been focused is to developers that might help improve emulator support or youtubers that make helpful guides to people getting into emulation. Outside of that less than 5 have been sent to youtubers that I like and I have usually been in contact with them for about 2 years. I have definitely not been mass mailing out samples.